My night time routine

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I love reading other blogs about people's routines, whether it be a skin care or hair care routine. I think its because i like to be nosey and see what products they use to see if they have used anything that i haven't tried yet and like the look of. I also like to see how people do things and in what order they use their products. So this post is going to be one of them routine posts that i hope some of you will enjoy reading like i do. 

First off i remove my eye make up with Garnier micellar wipes. They are very gentle on my sensitive eyes. Which is why i like using them. I'm the type of person that doesn't like getting anything in my eyes so every time i have a shower i have to have a towel on hand to wipe any shampoo/water off my forehead because im scared of it getting in my eyes. 
After that i use the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm with the muslin cloth to remove the rest of my make up. I love how clean your face feels after using it. So refreshing!
I have then been using Avon's Anew essentials youth maximising serum. Now this is only a small size tube but i think im definitely going to get the full size version now because ive run out :(
This is followed by the body shops Aloe Soothing night cream, which is great on my sensitive skin and leaves my face super soft also. 
After finishing up my skin i then proceed to brush my teeth.
And finally i get into my Pjs, climb into bed, and have one last look through my social media and drift off for the night.

What is your night time routine? What skin care products do you use at night?