Top 4 Christmas films

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As its the 1st December what better way to start the month off with a Christmas themed post. My top 4 Christmas films. 
I can't think of a better way to spend your days or nights this month than watching Christmas films all month. I love watching them whilst wrapping my Christmas presents, it just makes me feel more Christmassy. I wonder how many times i'll be using the word 'Christmas' in this post hahaha. What do you love about watching Christmas films?
Here are my top 4 if you haven't watched them already then what have you been doing with your lives? 

The Grinch
This is one i watched all through my childhood. I love the message this film gives about Christmas spirit and that you dont need presents or material things on Christmas day to have a nice time all's you need is to be surrounded by your loved ones. 

Santa Clause/Santa Clause 2
Ok this is two films but im counting them as one as they're based on the same thing. I don't actually know what i love about this one, but there is just something about it. It's a really good family film and makes me laugh. Maybe i like it because im such a big kid at heart. 

Home Alone
Obviously this includes them all. Although im not as keen on 3 the one with the different little boy, im not to sure why. It just isn't Christmas is it without watching Home Alone. 

A Muppet's Christmas Carol
I think because i love A Christmas Carol in general then that's why i love The Muppet's version too. I think having The Muppet's as characters in the film makes it a bit more child friendly hence probably why i like it so much, and the fact they make it a bit more funny.

What Christmas films do you love watching? Do they make you feel like a kid again?