Something Different

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Most of you may not know this but i am a fully qualified hairdresser. I qualified back in 2011 and struggled to find a job in a salon so after a year of searching i got a job in retail instead. The only hair i do now is my families (bonus for them) So when my cousin asked me to do her hair recently i thought i'd share with you how i did it. It was quite a bit of a change, she had faded red/orange hair and wanted to go blue. 

To stop her hair from going purple i had to bleach the red/orange tones out. To start with i applied the bleach to the mid lengths and ends and when the red tones had nearly disappeared i applied some bleach with a very low developer to her roots as she had quite naturally dark brown hair and only left if on for a little while. I then washed out the bleach and shampooed her hair. Afterwards i dried her hair and mixed the blue dye.

I applied the dye straight from her roots to her ends making sure i coated the hair well so i didnt leave any blonde patches. The dye was left on for 45 minutes was washed, shampooed and had a lot of conditioner put on. Because bleach can be quite damaging i gave her hair a good cut to get rid of the dead dry ends and added her some long layers to add a bit of texture to her hair. I then blow dried her hair added her a long side fringe and clippered the side of her head using the number 1 guard. And Voila the finished look.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out and my cousin is really happy with it also.

Let me know if you would like to see more of this kind of thing on here.
Have you had any wacky hair colours?