My new site

Hi guys. Just to let you all know my new site is now up and running, i've just posted my first post, i hope you'll all come and join me over there.
Thank you

Making a fresh start

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, have had some nice family time and eaten your entire body weight in food. 
Sorry it's been a while since i posted i think December got the better of me, i was just not prepared or organised enough for it. But i do have some news for you guys..... Earlier on in the month i'd decided i wasn't happy with the way my blog looked and had starting disliking my blogs name, so i decided i was going to start a fresh. A new name, a new site, a new fresh feel, a new start, but with the same kind of content as before. So as of January i'm hoping to get this site up and running for you guys. Eeeek excited!!! 
2017 is going to be a much more productive year for me i will make sure of it!

See you guys next year. X

Christmas cup collection

Some of you who know me know that i love my cups. Anyone that doesn't, well i have a real love for them. If i see a cute one especially if it has an owl on it i will have to buy it! So after knowing this you shouldn't really be surprised that i have gathered a bit of a Christmas cup collection.

How cute are my snowman, penguin and polar bear cups?! I got the snowman from Avon a good few years back and the penguin cup i got from Primark this year for 3 pound and most recently i got this polar bear cup from Asda for 4 pound. Total bargain right? Another Avon purchase was this cup with a knitted jumper, you can either keep the jumper on or take it off and still be left with a Christmassy cup underneath. These chararcter cups would be amazing for doing hot chocolates, could you just imagine? The last 4 i got from home and bargain, they have so many cute but very cheap Christmas cups in store, you are so spoilt for choice. Each of these cups cost me under 2 pound, how good is that?
What  kind of cup will you be drinking your hot drinks in this Christmas?


Top 4 Christmas films

As its the 1st December what better way to start the month off with a Christmas themed post. My top 4 Christmas films. 
I can't think of a better way to spend your days or nights this month than watching Christmas films all month. I love watching them whilst wrapping my Christmas presents, it just makes me feel more Christmassy. I wonder how many times i'll be using the word 'Christmas' in this post hahaha. What do you love about watching Christmas films?
Here are my top 4 if you haven't watched them already then what have you been doing with your lives? 

The Grinch
This is one i watched all through my childhood. I love the message this film gives about Christmas spirit and that you dont need presents or material things on Christmas day to have a nice time all's you need is to be surrounded by your loved ones. 

Santa Clause/Santa Clause 2
Ok this is two films but im counting them as one as they're based on the same thing. I don't actually know what i love about this one, but there is just something about it. It's a really good family film and makes me laugh. Maybe i like it because im such a big kid at heart. 

Home Alone
Obviously this includes them all. Although im not as keen on 3 the one with the different little boy, im not to sure why. It just isn't Christmas is it without watching Home Alone. 

A Muppet's Christmas Carol
I think because i love A Christmas Carol in general then that's why i love The Muppet's version too. I think having The Muppet's as characters in the film makes it a bit more child friendly hence probably why i like it so much, and the fact they make it a bit more funny.

What Christmas films do you love watching? Do they make you feel like a kid again?


November Favourites

Feels like it's been a really long while since i posted a favourites post so i thought it's about time i had.
November has been a bit of a chaotic month for me with moving into my own place with my boyfriend. Which brings me on to my first favourite, our apartment. The thing i mainly love about it is that we get our own space again. Don't get me wrong we both loved living with our parents but once you get a taste of having your own space it just isn't the same when you have to move back with them which is what we had to do a couple of years back.
I've seen so many people with these Wickford & Co candles, they looked and sounded like they would smell sooo good. Boy do they. For 2.99 they are a total bargain, you would think for that price they wouldn't be that good, but they fill a room with an amazing scent even when they're not lit. The gingerbread one is my most fav. It smells sooo yummy.

These next two go together. I'm pretty sure i've wrote about them before. L'oreal paris lip liner couture in 302 Bois De Rose and L'oreal colour riche lipstick 630 Beige A Nu. I think i've pretty much been wearing them everyday for the past few months. I like the fact that i can wear these with pretty much anything.

With the days and nights getting colder, for me it has meant drinking more and more cups of tea, i've loved coming home from work most evenings to a cup of tea sat waiting for me. I do have a gooden sometimes. One evening i came home to my tea in my baby its cold outside mug, this made me warm and fuzzy inside and that was not the tea. Cute little things like this are they way to my heart and food too.

What do you love best about cold evenings?

Pumpkin Picking

Can you believe i've never carved a pumpkin? Crazy right?
For the past couple of years i've wanted to go Pumpkin picking, i thought how good would it be to go and pick your own pumpkin and then loose your pumpkin carving virginity?!

After talking about going with Sam, Zak, Donna and Jazzy we finally decided that we would go this year. I searched around for the nearest places where you could pick your own pumpkins and i came across a place called Kenyon Hall farm in Warrington. Which we all decided looked great. 

The day came to finally go, the kiddies were so excited and secretly so was i. 
We arrived, put our wellies on and grabbed our coats, and made our way through the entrance. At First as we walked in there were a lot of pumpkins just sat on tables at set prices, we were all so disappointed as we thought this was it! But then we noticed a little walkway right across the other side of the room where people were walking in with wheelbarrows and pumpkins, so we thought we would go and investigate and see what was through the other side. As soon as we walked through we noticed the field with pumpkins. That made our day!
As we made our way up we soon realised we had missed picking the best ones and there were only a few whole pumpkins left, but we made the most of it and went scurrying around looking for the best we could find. After about an hour or so searching we chose the ones we wanted and we were all happy with what we'd picked. 

Jazzy and Zak then wanted to do the maize maze where they had to go around finding different fruits and vegetables and draw them, they loved it. 

If you ever get chance to go pumpkin picking then you should totally go its well worth it and you can have so much fun. Just make sure you dont go too late and miss out on the better pumpkins like we did. 


Top 5 Autumn nail polishes

Hopefully i'm back. And back for good. (Breaks out in song to Take That - Want you back)

I love this time of year, the colder days and nights, the brightly coloured leaves fallen on the floor, cosy nights in cuddled on the sofa. I also love it for the transition from brightly coloured polish to the more deep and dark shades. In Autumn/Winter i love to wear dark purples/plums and deep reds on my nails, there's something about wearing them that makes me just feel happy.

This Autumn I've particularly been drawn to using these 5 nail polishes:

  • Nails Inc - Victoria&Albert
  • Morgan Taylor - Ruby Two-Shoes
  • O.P.I - Viking In A Vinter Vonderland
  • Essie - It's Genius
  • Loreal Paris - Exotic Grenade

What are your top Autumn nail polish picks? Are you like me and are just drawn to the dark purples and deep reds?