February Favourites!

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I cant believe we have reached the end of February already. Since its the end of the month i have put together some of my monthly favourites. They mostly consist of beauty and skin care products but the rest are just random things i have loved using.


My first two products i had to include were Soap and Glory's Hand Food and The Righteous Butter. I have used these pretty much everyday and absolutely love them. If you want to see more detail about them then check out my previous post Discovering Soap and Glory

Since January i have been loving wearing nude nail polish and the one that has been my go to is Loreal's Rose Bagatelle. I love that its a pinkish nude and goes well with my skin tone.

Obviously i was going to add the Stila Soul palette to this favourites post. I've been wearing it everyday since i got it, i love it that much. If you want to read more i have previously wrote a review on it Review: Stila eyes are the window soul palette

I have never used Dove's purely pampering body wash with pistachio cream and magnolia before and i can tell you it smells amazing. I like to use this kind of scent in the shower its sweet but fresh and smells delish! 

Now onto the non beauty and skin care products. 
Changing my hair colour to purple  is something ive wanted to do for a while. I used to have it purple about 5 years ago and loved it! So i decided to take the plunge again and im glad that i did. The only down side to the purple is that it fades pretty quick so you need to make sure you can keep on top of it. 

Lastly i have been playing Dragon Mania Legends, which is a phone app. Its probably a kids game but ive loved playing it. You breed, fight and hatch dragons, its really good, you should try it.

What have you been loving lately?
What apps do you like to use?