Pumpkin Picking

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Can you believe i've never carved a pumpkin? Crazy right?
For the past couple of years i've wanted to go Pumpkin picking, i thought how good would it be to go and pick your own pumpkin and then loose your pumpkin carving virginity?!

After talking about going with Sam, Zak, Donna and Jazzy we finally decided that we would go this year. I searched around for the nearest places where you could pick your own pumpkins and i came across a place called Kenyon Hall farm in Warrington. Which we all decided looked great. 

The day came to finally go, the kiddies were so excited and secretly so was i. 
We arrived, put our wellies on and grabbed our coats, and made our way through the entrance. At First as we walked in there were a lot of pumpkins just sat on tables at set prices, we were all so disappointed as we thought this was it! But then we noticed a little walkway right across the other side of the room where people were walking in with wheelbarrows and pumpkins, so we thought we would go and investigate and see what was through the other side. As soon as we walked through we noticed the field with pumpkins. That made our day!
As we made our way up we soon realised we had missed picking the best ones and there were only a few whole pumpkins left, but we made the most of it and went scurrying around looking for the best we could find. After about an hour or so searching we chose the ones we wanted and we were all happy with what we'd picked. 

Jazzy and Zak then wanted to do the maize maze where they had to go around finding different fruits and vegetables and draw them, they loved it. 

If you ever get chance to go pumpkin picking then you should totally go its well worth it and you can have so much fun. Just make sure you dont go too late and miss out on the better pumpkins like we did.