I Finally Did It!!!!

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After years of debating and wanting I finally took the plunge and got a tattoo today. 

Anyone who knows me will know I am a Big Fat Wimp and for me to actually get this done was a big step for me. And I didn't cry either 😁 (wooooo) Sam came with me and helped me through it (in her own way) she was my hand to hold and you should of seen her hand after... Oops....sorry sunshine. I love you! 

The reason behind my tattoo was for my loved ones that have sadly passed and although many years have past it's a way for me to remember them and show them that I miss them and they will always be 'forever in my heart'. 

To any of you out there who lives in Crewe I highly recommend going to My Machine for a tattoo. Such lovely people and a nice chilled atmosphere. The room I got tattooed in was pretty cool too if your into your Marvel heroes, there was also a telly to help take your mind off your tattoo. If I ever get another I will definitely be going back there! 

Are any of you tattoo newbies? Do you have any tattoo stories to tell? I'd love to know!