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Hi guys,

I can't believe she has actually let me loose on here and the best bit is she doesn't have a clue what im writing until I post it hahaha :)

Well ......... how do I start ....... Naomi (Nay) Joanne Chedotal (she will hate me for that)

She is the only person in the world that I no who is scared of cows, and I mean petrified of them. We did a lot of walking in practice for the midnight walk (which was an experience on its own) and when ever we went past a field and it had cows in it she got like this magic burst of energy and practically ran past them, or forced me to walk on the same side of them so when they 'jumped over the fence' to come and attack us (like every common cow does) it could get me first. So this is the kind of best friend she is haha.

So apart from being scared of cows she also drinks all my Ribena when she comes round to stay, but as payment she has to entertain my son in the mornings so I can have a lie in haha. She is always there to join me in a duet and finish off my songs which I cant help but blurt out every now and then :P. Oh and her nickname is Pebbles because any of you that have met her would have seen how she does her hair in a ponytail :P

But on a more serious note I have only known Nay for just over a year and I seriously don't know what I did without her ( don't wanna get too soppy here lol). When ever I need someone to talk to or have a good rant about she is always there, sometimes not by choice haha. I can talk to her about anything and even tho half the time she comes up with complete and utter rubbish, she is still there for me. We have had so many good memories from going to the beach to just staying in im not gonna go on about them all cause apparently I have got a deadline for this blog to be posted and you guys haven't got all night to read pages and pages of writing. I can be my stupid self around her and she never judges me but thats probably because she is just as stupid as me, and that's why we click so well.

So all I wanna say to you Nay is never change cause your perfect the way you are and when you stay round BRING YOUR OWN RIBENA !!! hahahaha :P

Love ya loads
Your bestie
Bam Bam