10 things that are too frustrating!

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Ever find that some things really get on your nerves? Here are 10 things that make me really frustrated.

  1. Changing bedding - how come its such a struggle? definately not made for short people to do
  2. Getting your eyebrows right - very important
  3. Impolite people - it doesn't hurt to use your manners
  4. Opening a packet of food upside down - Grrrrrrr
  5. Standing in dog pee bare foot
  6. Spilling something down a white top - usually something that stains like bolognaise sauce
  7. Bad hair days
  8. Cashiers giving you change on top of your receipt - why? you get in such a fiddle trying to sort your change out then
  9. Running out of toilet roll - especially when you've been for a number 2 (oooops :/)
  10. Charity workers who approach you in town/street - if i wanted to donate i would i don't need pestering to do so
What do you find frustrating? Comment below.