Whats in my bag?

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After my last post i thought id give you a little more of an insight about me. Im going to share with you what is in my handbag (thankfully there were no nasties in there phewww!

My day to day handbag just plain and simple the way i like it :D

Do you even know whats in your own handbag? Its amazing what you find!

  • My purse from river island - black plain simple
  • A receipt from superdrug - Looks a bit old :/
  • Charger for my phone
  • Owl notepad - im loving owl things atm and thought this was very cute. Perfect for me to jot things down in while im on the go.
  • Keys - Do you end up having more keyrings than keys? i do
  • Herbal essence dry shampoo - Perfect to fit in your bag and i think this one smells nice too
  • No7 lipstick - Loving this colour at the moment
  • Empty little black dress perfume - I actually ran out today :( another handbag sized product 
  • Sanex deodorant - It has a baby kind of fresh smell 
  • Earphones
  • Sunglasses - Just a cheap pair
  • Make up bag 
  • Owl diary (oooo look more owls)
  • Rimmel lipbalm - Such a nice summer colour
  • Water - To stay hydrated
Have you found any goodies at the bottom of your bag? If so Lucky you!
Bye for now :)