How to clean your make up brushes

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 It is something we all forget to do, but deep cleaning our make up brushes is a must! And i dont mean a quick clean with brush cleaner. I mean the full works, the whole hog, all out. Your make up brushes gather dust and can carry bacteria, so when the brush touches your make up your spreading bacteria and dirt on your make up which causes them shiny patches on your powders. Then you are applying the brush to your face and spreading the bacteria on there. As you do this daily more and more bacteria gets added and spreaded, so to prevent this you NEED to deep clean your brushes on a regular basis like once a week. I find sundays are best.
So here is how i give my make up brushes a deep clean.

  1. I begin by running my brushes under lukewarm water (cleaning one brush at a time) dont let them get too wet.
  2. Apply a small amount (blob) of a mild shampoo onto the bristles, Johnsons baby shampoo is great, 
  3. Massage the brush on the palm of your hand in circular motions. If you need to add more water then do so.
  4. As the brush gets cleaner you need to gently squeeze the bristles from root to tip to help remove the make up left behind.
  5. Repeat these processes if necessary, until your brushes are clean.
  6. Leave to air dry on a flat surface.
What method do you use? How regularly do you clean your brushes?