Girls night in!

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So I had a sleep over at my friend Emma's house, we had a nice chilled out time.
We ordered a takeaway (nom nom) it was delicious, we both had burger and chips. Eventually we decided to get into our pjs, Emma's friend Becky who I've met before joined us for the night then, we had a right laugh. 
So then I pull out my lush face mask.....first time I've tried one. I had bought catastrophe cosmetic, we applied that and watched more comic relief. When the mask was dry we washed it off and went to bed. Next morning I woke up first with a cat at the bottom of the bed (I pooped myself) I'm not really a cat person. So I got ready for the day then painted my nails and we chilled out again watching films . I had a really nice time thanks girls!
I thought I would introduce you to kira, Emma's pet snake. Although she is still just a baby I'm still scared of her and am a bit wary. 
This got me wondering is anyone else afraid of snakes, adult or baby ones? 
Or do you have any pet snakes yourselves? I'm intrigued to know, see if it will help me get over my fear of snakes.