Mans (womans in this case) best friend :D

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I havent introduced you guys yet to my princess....Roxy. She is a Jack Russell. My boyfriend got her for me about 5 years ago now when she was just a tiny puppy.
Roxy when she was a puppy

another puppy picture of Roxy

Roxy is white with a brown patch around her left eye and has a brown nose :) so cute. Roxy is a big softy to people she knows, if she doesnt know you she will just bark and bark at you little madam she is. Roxy loves to play with her toys especially the loud squeaky ones or she likes to sit on your lap and snuggle up, she also loves to sit in front of the fire and hog all the heat! She is a part of the family and everyone loves her to bits :)
Roxy when she was a puppy with my dad

Being silly

She wasnt impressed because i was tryng to hog the fire

Hogging the fire, oh the easy life

Cuddling in bed
She i my little pumpkin and is always there when your upset and when your happy too :D


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Chloe Davies
12 March 2015 at 17:52 delete

So cute, even though she always barks at me haha. Xx