How do you guys feel about tattoos?

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I see tattoos as a way of expressing yourself. Whether you just like some of the art or designs or want one to mean something ie rememberence. My friend is getting a tattoo today and i just wondered what you guys thought about tattoos?
Do you like them? I love sleeve tattoos on guys <3 ...not so much on girls though. I think in the right place on the right person they can look amazing!!! Have any of you ever regretted getting a tattoo? Or are any of you a chicken liken like me? What's the best/worst place you've ever had?
Here are a few pictures of some of my friends tattoos:

I personally like smaller tattoos on women i think they look so much more dainty and less overpowering. I hate tribal tattoos i think they look so tacky and are not very imaginitive. What do you guys think? Feel free to send in your photos would love to see all your designs.