Review: Bomb Cosmetics

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We dont have a lush store here in crewe, but i really wanted some bath bombs, so i thought id try these two out from Maccouti.
Surreal Appeal
The surreal appeal one is very cute, its pink and has a little flower on it aswell, it smells amazing. Do you remember the rhubarb and custard sweets you used to get in a pick 'n' mix, well it smells like them. You just want to eat it up it smells so good.

Heart 2 Heart
Then we have heart 2 heart this is a bit more of a subtle smell but to me kind of smells like the love heart sweets you get. It is white with 2 pink hearts, very girly looking.

Im hoping to try one out later, ill let you all know how it goes.

 I absolutely love the heart 2 heart bath bomb, its very subtle in smell but very relaxing, I would only recommend these bath bombs though if you have normal/dry skin they leave a bit of a film on your skin, but they make your skin feel smooth as a babies bottom and it feels absolutely amazing.
I have just also used Surreal Appeal, it actually smells like a fruit salad sweet like you used to get in 10p mixes when you were younger, so fruity and fresh. I would definately be purchasing more of these, they work wonders on my dry skin :D