September favourites!

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As im writing this im watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman..... im such a big kid!

As you know ive not posted in a while, but nothing really happened in September and i don't want to waste your or my time just writing any old pointless crap. Thats why i haven't posted. I do have a few posts lined up now though and should be back on track in no time.

I didn't really have any favourites for September... i didn't buy or try anything new, but these are a few things that ive loved this month.

  • Madagascar candles - I absolutely love lighting these in the evening and they are my favourite candle scent Vanilla!! Who doesn't love a good old vanilla candle? 
  • Nivea pure and natural moisturiser - After every shower ive been using this and its kind and gentle on my sensitive skin.
  • Rimmel scandal eyes felt tip liner 
  • Garnier mineral invisible marks 48hr anti antiperspirant - A friend recommended this to me and i instantly loved it.... it smells like perfume
  • Pink hair - ive been dying my tips pink and i love it!!
  • Little holiday - I went away to Whitley Bay (Newcastle)with my other half.... any time spent together is precious and everyone should make the most of that. even if its a little holiday to a small little town. 

What is your favourite candle scent? Have you been away with your loved one recently? id love to know. 

Ciao for now