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Its time for product empties guys! I've been saving these up for a couple of months and now i can finally get rid of them after this post. WOOHOO!!

  1. OGX Cherry blossom ginseng shampoo - Amazing stuff... ive raved about this in other posts
  2. Garnier ultimate blends the colour illuminator shampoo - Great for coloured hair, a fair sized bottle for the bargain proce of 1.89 from BandM
  3. Aussie miracle shine conditioner - Lasted me ages (but conditioner always does) leaves hair soft and shiney :D
  4. Dove Winterpfledge limited edition shower cream - Smells great... btw i stocked up on this round christmas time this was my last bottle
  5. Satin Care dry skin shaving gel
  6. Batiste dry shampoo cherry - i go through s*** loads of this stuff its a total life saver!!
  7. Little black dress
  8. Cutex ultra cleansing nail polish remover
  9. Maxfactor lasting performance foundation in fair
  10. Rimmel lasting finish foundation in ivory - Always love a rimmer product + it has spf built in ...Winner!
  11. Maybelline the falsies volume mascara in black - always love a black mascara and i got it cheap too from BandM again
What have you been using up? Do you use more shampoo than conditioner like me? Id love to know.