3 Things i would never repurchase!

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Have you ever bought something, tried it and then instantly hated it? Well that's what happened when i purchased these 3 items. 

Herbal Essences ignite my colour dry shampoo. When you use a dry shampoo you want it to make your hair feel a little cleaner and give it a bit more oomph, instead this made my hair limp and didn't take away any of the greasiness at all. I was very disappointed as i love using the herbal essence shampoo and conditioner. 

Rimmel wake me up mascara. This mascara did smell quite fresh. but it did nothing for my eyelashes, it made them very spindley (is that even a word) i hated it. I like my lashes to be full of volume and this mascara didnt achieve that. I normally love using Rimmel make up (one of my favourite brands)

Maybelline super stay 24hr flawless fresh foundation. I picked this up on a 2 for 10 pound deal and as i have pale skin i picked up the shade ivory (which i normally go for in most foundations) but this shade was very dark nothing like an ivory shade at all, i would say it might be more suitable for a medium skin tone. I do normally test my foundations before purchasing but i don't think there was a tester in this shade and as im normally the same shade in most foundations i bought it. How stupid was i. 

What would you never repurchase?