5 Things // Autumn edition

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Autumn is here! Yay!!! Is anyone else excited? The weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. What's not to love about this snug season. 

5 things i love most about autumn

  1. Dark nights - They make me feel sleepy....so what does that mean? more sleep of course :D and what's not to like about getting more sleep? 
  2. Candles - Who doesn't love to burn a good candle. There's something about candles that just makes things cosier and homey. 
  3. Cosy/slouchy knitwear - Well.... knitwear and autumn go hand in hand really don't they, time to dig out the cosy jumpers and boots. Yay!! I love how snug and secure they make me feel
  4. Crunchy leafs - what a crisp sound as they crunch under your feet..... i don't know why but i just love the sound.
  5. Bonfire or fires of any sort - There's nothing more therapeutic than listening to the cracking of the wood and nothing more hypnotising than staring at the roaring orange flames.
What is your favourite season? What do you like/dislike about autumn id love to know.