Christmas cup collection

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Some of you who know me know that i love my cups. Anyone that doesn't, well i have a real love for them. If i see a cute one especially if it has an owl on it i will have to buy it! So after knowing this you shouldn't really be surprised that i have gathered a bit of a Christmas cup collection.

How cute are my snowman, penguin and polar bear cups?! I got the snowman from Avon a good few years back and the penguin cup i got from Primark this year for 3 pound and most recently i got this polar bear cup from Asda for 4 pound. Total bargain right? Another Avon purchase was this cup with a knitted jumper, you can either keep the jumper on or take it off and still be left with a Christmassy cup underneath. These chararcter cups would be amazing for doing hot chocolates, could you just imagine? The last 4 i got from home and bargain, they have so many cute but very cheap Christmas cups in store, you are so spoilt for choice. Each of these cups cost me under 2 pound, how good is that?
What  kind of cup will you be drinking your hot drinks in this Christmas?