Review: Avons Anew Vitale night gel cream

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As i turn 25 next month i thought i should start looking to buy my first anti wrinkle creams and when i had a little nosey in the Avon catalogue i saw that they had anti wrinkle creams for different ages, i ordered the one for my age range which was the pink packaged one. You probably know how long it takes for Avon to be delivered so when order finally arrived i was super excited to try it out.

That night i tried it and as it touched my skin i immediately hated it. The formula stung my skin and left it feeling dry and dehydrated, even just after i had applied the cream. It smells cheap and like soap. For 12 pound a pot i think it is quite dear for what it does. I've just wasted 12 pound on one use waste your money on it, so what ever you do don't buy this and waste yours too. Especially if like me your skin is dry and sensitive.
These are only my opinions on the product, so if you they work well for you then im glad.
I have bought the day cream aswell but i haven't tried that yet, im sure it will probably be the same. I'll keep you updated though so keep an eye out. 

Do you know of any anti wrinkle creams suitable for sensitive skin? I'd love to know so i can try them out.