November Favourites

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Feels like it's been a really long while since i posted a favourites post so i thought it's about time i had.
November has been a bit of a chaotic month for me with moving into my own place with my boyfriend. Which brings me on to my first favourite, our apartment. The thing i mainly love about it is that we get our own space again. Don't get me wrong we both loved living with our parents but once you get a taste of having your own space it just isn't the same when you have to move back with them which is what we had to do a couple of years back.
I've seen so many people with these Wickford & Co candles, they looked and sounded like they would smell sooo good. Boy do they. For 2.99 they are a total bargain, you would think for that price they wouldn't be that good, but they fill a room with an amazing scent even when they're not lit. The gingerbread one is my most fav. It smells sooo yummy.

These next two go together. I'm pretty sure i've wrote about them before. L'oreal paris lip liner couture in 302 Bois De Rose and L'oreal colour riche lipstick 630 Beige A Nu. I think i've pretty much been wearing them everyday for the past few months. I like the fact that i can wear these with pretty much anything.

With the days and nights getting colder, for me it has meant drinking more and more cups of tea, i've loved coming home from work most evenings to a cup of tea sat waiting for me. I do have a gooden sometimes. One evening i came home to my tea in my baby its cold outside mug, this made me warm and fuzzy inside and that was not the tea. Cute little things like this are they way to my heart and food too.

What do you love best about cold evenings?