Book Review: Me before You

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I'm back with my second book review. Most of you have either probably read the book yourself or watched the film of this book, but i thought i'd do a little review on it anyway. Me before You was a real tear jerker for me and im not really one for crying over a book.

This book is about a woman named Lou Clark who loses her job at a cafe and ends up a carer to Will Traynor who was involved in a motorcycle accident and was left quadriplegic.
Without giving too much away the real reason Lou was hired to become Will's carer came apparent. Lou and Will soon fall in love but a difficult decision soon lies ahead. What will Lou do? 

A book about love and heartbreak. This book makes you realise just how lucky we are and how much your life can be changed. If you loved 'All the Bright Places'  you will love this just as much. For me this book was much better than the film and if you haven't read this yet then you must. Definitely a book that you will struggle to put down and before you know it you will have finished it and be filled with emotion.

What kind of books do you love?