Top 3 Winter lipsticks

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As its still winter, i thought why not share with you guys what lipsticks ive been loving wearing this winter season. I've been heading for 3 lipsticks in particular, the No7 moisture drench lipstick in Soft tulip, Rimmel Kate 07 and the Maxfactor gloss in Captivating ruby. 

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that my trusty No7 is in these top 3. I post about it enough on here. But i just had to put it in there, because i have used it a lot this winter. I cant rave about this lipstick enough!! I absolutely the shade, it glides on so smooth and effortlessly and i think it really suits my pale skin.

Over December and the Christmas period ive headed for the Maxfactor gloss. Although this isn't a lipstick and i normally hate wearing lip glosses, it was just a must for me as it was the perfect red shade for me, nothing too in your face or bold, but if you wanted to make it bolder you could just keep layering it. 

And finally, over January ive been drawn to my Rimmel Kate lipstick. I don't think this shade is sold any more which really sucks because its such a nice colour. What i love about this is that it feels so refreshing when i wear it. Its a lovely neutral browny shade that pretty much goes with anything. 

What lipsticks have you been loving this winter?