Beauty Haul!

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Ive only recently heard about the fragrancedirect website, so after checking it out a few times i decided to try it out for myself. OH MY GOD what Bargains they have on it. I picked up the 3 nail polishes above and the eos lip balm and in total it all came to about 15 pound. I cant believe how cheap it all was. I definitely recommend you all go check it out, you wont be disappointed! 
After seeing other bloggers using the still soul palette i just knew i had to get this for myself. The colours are so me!! A neutral brown palette and oh my im in love with the rose gold packaging on this, its amazing!!! 
Then we just have some bits of make up that i needed to buy because i was running out. I cant quite decide whether i like this Revlon foundation for normal/dry skin or not. It seems to cling to my dry patches of skin, but the colour is a perfect match to my skin. 
I normally buy the Avon brow duo but i wanted to try something different this time, so i found this Loreal brow duo in boots and decided to give it a go and to be honest i really like it. You get a little brush and mini tweezers with it too....sooooo cute!

Have you fallen in love with any new purchases? What brand of brow care do you love the most?