Top 5 Autumn nail polishes

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Hopefully i'm back. And back for good. (Breaks out in song to Take That - Want you back)

I love this time of year, the colder days and nights, the brightly coloured leaves fallen on the floor, cosy nights in cuddled on the sofa. I also love it for the transition from brightly coloured polish to the more deep and dark shades. In Autumn/Winter i love to wear dark purples/plums and deep reds on my nails, there's something about wearing them that makes me just feel happy.

This Autumn I've particularly been drawn to using these 5 nail polishes:

  • Nails Inc - Victoria&Albert
  • Morgan Taylor - Ruby Two-Shoes
  • O.P.I - Viking In A Vinter Vonderland
  • Essie - It's Genius
  • Loreal Paris - Exotic Grenade

What are your top Autumn nail polish picks? Are you like me and are just drawn to the dark purples and deep reds?