Book Review : All The Bright Places

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Alright so this is a first for me, a review on a book. I felt like i just had to though.
The book is called All The Bright Places, it is like the next 'The Fault in our Stars' it is a real eye opening book.
The book is about a teenage boy and girl who are both struggling with their lives. 
Theodore Finch is always coming up with ways he might kill himself and that is how he meets Violet Markey, one of the popular girls, up on the bell tower at school. Finch encourages Violet to climb down and this is where their adventure begins.
Violet can't seem to escape her grief from her sisters death, she blames herself for the accident and life just doesn't feel the same without her.
When Finch and Violet are paired together on a school project to discover their state, they start to fall for each other and while Violet starts to live her life Finch retreats into himself, hiding away from the world. Until one day he goes missing.
This book really gets you thinking, you don't know what is going on in anyone's life. You don't know what they're thinking or feeling. A truly amazing book about mental illness. I could kind of act the book out in my head as i was reading it. I would totally recommend this book it is amazing!