Lunch date at Bridgemere

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I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with Sam. I thought for today's post i would share with you what we did.
Sam wanted to go to Bridgemere garden centre to buy some new fish for her fish tank. So after i finished work she came and picked me up and off we drove. We made a stop on the way to get her nails done as she was desperate! We think her nail technician had a 'thing' for her. hahahaha.

When we arrived it was about 1 o'clock and we hadn't had dinner yet so decided to grab some there. 
Sam and me both chose the home-made tomato and red pepper soup with ciabatta. Omg that stuff was amazing!! The best soup i have ever had. If your ever in the area i would definitely recommend you give it a try. 

On the way to go and choose some fish we came across Whsmith, so we had a nosey and  i ended up buying a book on tasty treats ( i cant wait to try some) 
We carried on walking and found the fish section. Whilst we were picking out fish i became to realise that i am 'slightly' scared of them. hahahah.( I bet your thinking what a weirdo right)
Sam finally chose her fish which consisted of two silver back sharks, an albino rainbow shark, a polka dot loach, 5 cherry barbs and 5 penguin tetra's. Sam gave me the honour of naming them all. 

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After buying the fish we quickly jumped into the car and left Bridgemere because Zak (Sam's son) had his swimming lesson. We made it just in time for his lesson and he even went in the deep end in the big pool! How amazing is that? A 6 year old swimming in the deep end. I think i can honestly say he can swim a lot better than me. Whilst Zak was swimming me and Sam had a lovely natter and before we knew it his lesson was over. Then it was time for me to head home.

Where do you go out for lunch? If you live in or near Cheshire let me know in the comments, i want to try out lots of different places.