S Club 7

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Can you guys believe that SClub7 are back on tour after all these years!! :D :D

Me and my sister (Kelly) went to see them on their first tour night, we thought we had pretty goods seats (little did we know) we watched the supporting act AJ Lehrman (a new young American singer) he was really good, the we had to wait for SClub. Well while we were waiting some people turned up and told us we were in there seats, we just said no these armour seats and showed them the tickets....then along comes a steward and tells us were in the wrong seats we needed to be 4 rows back where it was cramped and full :( What's the point in having seats that go from Y to Z then YA, YB, YC ( which is what we were supposed to be in) Anyway after this cerfuffle( you know what I mean) SClub came on stage and began performing.....Oh..My...God it was amazing everyone in the crowd was singing there heart out to all there old favourites. Some of them group even did solos. It just brung back so many good memories of my childhood. We had an amazing time and absolutely loved it!!!!<3